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Executive Management

Bureau of Human Resources

Bureau of Human Resources
The South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources is responsible for administering the human resources management system for the State of South Dakota; including recruitment and selection, job analysis, training for all state employees, payroll, compensation and employee benefits.


Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture
We work to promote, protect, and preserve South Dakota agriculture for today and tomorrow.

Governor's Office of Economic Development

Governor's Office of Economic Development
The South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development works to expand primary job opportunities for all South Dakotans. We strive to retain and expand existing businesses, foster new businesses, facilitate business succession and recruit out-of-state businesses. The office works closely with community economic development corporations to expand and diversify the state's industry and economy.

Labor and Regulation

Department of Labor and Regulation
The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation assists employers with workforce and employment-related needs; helps people with job placement and career transition services; ensures fair employment practices; handles human rights issues and labor contract mediations; administers the State's unemployment insurance and workers' compensation systems; regulates and licenses the insurance industry in South Dakota; and more.

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